Time Tested with Your Child in Mind!

“I was thrilled to hear of the work that Ken Marchtaler is doing with kids.   We can’t control the world out there but we can learn how to respond to it effectively, intelligently and from a place of personal power.  These skills will assist children throughout their lives in many situations.” Dr. Allison Rees, Child Development & Parenting Expert

The Little Warriors® Martial Arts Program has been time tested in our Little Warriors® Research Centre.  But that is not where it ends.  We are constantly looking for ways to improve and better deliver these life skills to our students.  And as our network grows, the only one to benefit will be our kids.

When you enroll your child in Little Warriors® you are not only providing them with the opportunity to learn great skills for life, you are connecting them to the international community!  Each Little Warrior character is drawn from history, from various regions throughout the world.  Our Little Warriors® students learn very quickly that there is always something to learn from everyone!

How The Classes Work

Little Warriors® classes are 30 minutes long and are designed around a new theme each class.   Each theme is based on the unique skill of one of the 10 Little Warriors® cartoon characters.  Here are the Life Skills that the Little Warriors® Martial Arts Program develops in our classroom:









Warrior Spirit


At the end of each class your child will receive a coloured sticker of the Little Warriors® character of the day. Make sure you ask them who the character was, and let them show you their book. Little Warriors® love to share their experiences. It is through the Passport to Growth™ that we can connect the martial arts instructor, our Little Warriors® students and their parents’ together working towards one important goal – the exceptional development of your child!

How to get started

So what are you waiting for? To get started just visit our Locations page to find the Little Warriors Martial Arts Program nearest you!